Well, hello.

Welcome to my online presence. Hopefully, it will shed some light into my offline presence, which some have remarked as being very 3 dimensional.

What I Do

I've supported the multimedia side of instructional design for 18 years. I enjoy all aspects of interactive corporate learning. Mending the learning gap through appropriate instructional products is what gets me up in the morning. Coffee, however, is what helps me remember my login.


Who I Am

I've enjoyed creating instructional products from concept to testing and dissemination.

My favorite support task is writing video scripts. Marketing? Yes. Technical? Yes. Humor-driven spoof pieces? Definitely yes.


My Work

Click on each image to launch video.

Writing and Design Samples

Say hello back.

If you think I can help you with an instructional project, website design, or media script, jot me a line and I'll contact you within a very short amount of time. Very short. Teeny, tiny wait. Miniscule, really.

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